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Learning Beyond Education
Our aim at St. Paul campus is to develop students 'Beyond Education' and the focus is on honing their skills and talent during their time with us.  
A cultural hub, our students are engaged in varied activities throughout the year. Partaking in organising these events helps the students shed their inhibitions, overcome their shortcomings and develop leadership qualities.  
We have achieved many milestones in our short journey, thanks to the perseverance and decidation of our students. Mentioned below are few testimonials from our campus stars!
Sports has been an integral part of my life and St. Paul College gave me the right platform to chase my dream. With a focus on sports along with education, I have participated in many inter-collegiate competitions and it has only made me confident. I am happy to have participated in Santosh Trophy and I am proud to represent Kochi FC in The Indian Super League (ISL)
-Farukh Chaudhary, TYBcom

The best part about St. Paul College is that along with studies, we get to showcase and hone our talent in the campus. Dance is my passion and I got countless opportunities to showcase that within the campus. Today, I am choreographing for Bollywood movies like Sultan, Banjo and Marathi movies... it has all become possible because of constant motivation by teachers and Prinicipal of St. Paul College.  
- Vijay Sonawane, SYBcom

We will be sharing more success stories of our campus stars in the coming days. Stay tuned!