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                          The Orientation Program for the first year students is a welcome party which is organized by second year and third year’s for the freshers. This year the programme was named “Amigos”. With the footfall of 120 Students the program was easily the largest orientation programme. The celebration started sharp at 6pm. The seniors displayed their presence in a big way with help desks, stage management and various logistics arrangements.

                           The Concept of Amigos was discovered because it was friendship day and it is a great platform to make first years meet with their seniors and culture of the college. The Freshers’ day is the day that is filled with excitement, joy, music, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness.

                            All the students were dressed up as per the theme which was “Coordination with Neon”. Since the stage set was made of Neon colours and UV lights it floored the new comers and at the same time it was benchmarked for coming years.