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Name: Sharayu Shrotri 
Position: Vice Principal 
Working Since: Last 5 years in St. Paul 
Qualification:MMS(HR), M.A.(Edu.) 


Name: Jasminder Kaur 
Position:Lecturer and Exam Chairperson 
Working Since: 5 Years in St. Paul 
Qualification: MBA (Finance), M.Com (Advanced Accounting) 
Testimonial: I can positively say that St. Paul College has made me a better person. It has helped me to develop positive attitude towards my career, my capabilities and has helped me discover more about myself in true sense. St. Paul has incredible place in my Life. 

Name: Harjeet Kaur 
Position:Lecturer (Coordinator of B.COM Accounting and Finance) 
Total Experience: 3.5 
Working Since: Past 2.5 Years 
Qualification: M.Com (Advance Accounting) and MBA (Finance) 
Testimonial: I developed my career and skills along with the growth of St. Paul college. It enhanced my capabilities more to share my knowledge and intelligience with the students. 
I admire most us the support received from St. Paul College. 

Name: Avadhoot Kanade 
Position:Lecturer, Head of the Department 
Total Experience: 10 years 
As a Lecturer: 5 years 
Working Since: 4 year 
Qualification: B.Com M.COM (Accounts), MBA (Finance) 
Testimonial:I have been working with St Paul College since 4 years. It has been a wonderful experience to be associated with the college. The experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in the field of my choice. It has shown me how a person can be passionate about his or her work. The students here at St Paul feel like at home. Again its another charming effect of St Paul. 

Name: Dinesh Motwani 
Position: Lecturer 
Total Experience: 10.6 Years 
Working Since: past 1 year 
Qualification:M.COM, MBA (HR) 
Testimonial: St. Paul college gave me platform to develop my behaviourial and personal skills. Here I got chance to be a part of many events which in reture made me more entusiastic as well as made me learnt new things in terms of new trends. This is a place where you will find knowledge flowing inward and outward. 

Name: Srishti Masand 
Position: Lecturer (B.Com Coordinator) 
Total Experience: 2 years 
Working Since: 2 Years 
Qualification: B.Com, M.Com, MMS (Finance) 
Testimonial: St. Paul college offers a great opportunity for students as well as all the lecturers to broaden their knowledge beyond the field of studies. I have found the different method of teaching in this institute. 


Name: Monica Bhatia 
Position: Lecturer 
Working Since: 2 Years 
Qualification: BMS, M.Com 
Testimonial: St. Paul college has helped me to improve my capabilities. I developed my teaching skills and career in this college. I am grateful to the St. Paul College. For all the support in all the aspects of my profession. 

Name: Amelia Antony  
Position: Lecturer (Coordinator of B.COM Banking and Insurance) 
Total Experience: 4 years 
Working Since:Past 2 years 
Qualification: BBI MMS (HR) 
St. Paul College has helped me develop as a lecturer. We here at St Paul are very student centric college and we pride ourselves in the kind of student development activities that we do. We plan on making St. Paul the first choice of every student, and I hope that we achieve this goal. 


Name: Muskan Jeswani 
Position: Lecturer Cum B.M.S Coordinator 
Total Experience 
Working Since: Past 2 years 
Qualification: PGDBA, M.COM  
St. Paul offers a unqiue experience that will stay fixed in student heart and if you embrace all it has to offer, you will grow more than you can imagine. I am nothing but proud and humbled to be a part of this institute which is rich in culture and opportunities.

Name: Madhur Kanade 
Position: Lecturer, IT Coordinator and NSS Programme Officer
Working Since: 2 years
Qualification: M.COM, PGDCA

Name: Shalley D'souza
Position: Lecturer, Junior College Coordinator
Working Since: 1 year
Qualification: M.COM, MMS (Finance), B. Ed.

Name: Bhavna Bhatia 
Position: Lecturer 
Working Since: 1 year 
Qualification: B.COM, LLB, M.COM 
Testimonial: I have enhanced my skills by sharing the knowledge with the students I am grateful to St. Paul College for the support I received from each one part of the institute. 

Name: Babita Dubey 
Position: Lecturer 
Working Since: 3 years 
Qualification: M. Sc. (Informatics), B. Ed.