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                      This is a great opportunity for the next generation of managers and present Management students to get cracking and present their brilliant ideas as a "Mock Budget". The uncertain global economic environment makes it even more important to present a clear and credible fiscal target oriented Budget. For students community this contest is an excellent way to come up incredible proposals and ideas or actions that can be taken by the government to achieve the targets. This is a great opportunity that awaits for all the future next generation leaders and managers. Students put across their innovative Budget ideas into action and won great prizes besides garnering the attention of the judges.

                      Event has provided a dynamic and democratic platform for the youth to wear their thinking hats and present their views with fresh perspectives on the Union Budget, 2015- 2016. This event was covered in various local news channels and this was the third time it was conducted.

                      Every year the no. of participants keep increasing. The winners were awarded with attractive cash prizes and trophy’s. The event witnessed a great participation from industry experts, academicians, Media Experts and students from leading management institutes.