Affiliated to Mumbai University
The field of technology is ever-changing. Students must be aware of the changes and growth that occur in their field. This will enable our students to be tech savvy. 
Unwaveringly adhering to moral and ethical principles and upholding righteous behaviour. Developing strength of character, which is absolutely incorruptible at any point in the teaching-learning process and in one’s academic and professional life. 
Setting high standards and quality benchmarks for one self and endeavouring to reach them. Doing the very best one can in every task that one accomplishes. Aiming for personal, academic and professional excellence and never compromising with mediocrity. 
Complete dedication and thorough engagement towards work. Inculcating loyalty and developing a sense of ownership. To be sincere in approach, adhere to deadlines and have a result-oriented approach. 
Being aware of and shouldering one’s responsibilities towards the society and the nation. Duties of a person towards country are very important to maintain its dignity, bright future and propel the nation towards being a developed country. People in our country must follow the rules and their duties towards nation building. 

To serve our students by teaching them problem-solving, leadership and teamwork skills, and the value of a commitment to quality, ethical behavior, society and respect for one another.

We are committed to meeting the educational needs of all our students and providing our faculty with the means to develop their intellectual capacity through teaching and interaction with society. We aim to enhance the quality of teaching and service programs through the support of the best faculty, staff and students and continue to improve the quality of all our students that prepare them for professional life, leadership and citizenship in a changing world. 
1. All students are expected to observe rules and regulation currently in force to enable the college 
to function smoothly 
2. Smoking and spitting is strictly prohibited. Help to keep the college premises clean and neat.  
3. No Society or association shall be formed, no meeting be held and no person be invited to address the students in the college without the prior written permission from the Principal.
4. Students are prohibited from doing anything inside or outside the college that will interfere with its orderly administration or affect its public image. No outside influence, political or any other, should be brought in to the college directly or indirectly. 
5. Students resorting to unfair means at the exams will be dealt in accordance with the provision of 
the Govt. of Maharashtra Act No. XXXI of 1982 and the Maharashtra Universities Act 1994. 
6. Students are strictly warned not to use cell phones in the college premises. Strict action will be 
taken against the user as per the guidelines issued by the Mumbai University from time to time. 
7. Students should always wear their identity card on their person whenever in the college or when 
representing the college at any event or any place. 
8. Students should not loiter in and around the college premises while lectures are being conducted. 
9. Students are directed not to bring any outside persons to the college premises. 
10. Students should take proper care of all college property. Any damage done to the property of the 
college by disfiguring walls, rooms, windows and fittings, breaking or damaging furniture’s, 
equipments etc. will be treated as a serious breach of discipline and will be punishable. Damage 
done to the property will have to be made good by the concerned students. 
11. Any grievances regarding academic, administrative etc. should be first brought to the notice of 
the Course co-ordinators, head co-ordinator or the vice-principal before meeting the Principal 
12. The powers relating to the disciplinary action in the college will vest with the Principal and his 
decision in this respect shall be final. Any one violating the discipline of the college will be dealt 
with as per the provisions applicable from time to time. 
13. Matters not covered by the existing rules or not mentioned above, will rest at the absolute 
discretion of the principal
St. Paul College will be a leader among educational institutions by being innovative, to meet the changing needs of society. It will be a center for learning where individuals can develop their intellectual capabilities throughout their lives in an environment that promotes academic achievement and excellence. It will be a diverse community where the highest moral and ethical values will prevail with a dual purpose, an inward focus on learning and an outward focus on service. We aspire to be recognized as a college/school of first choice for excellent and accessible education.